Influencer marketing

Power Of Influence

In a world where boundless communication across the globe happens in seconds, those who have earned respect in their industry have also gained influence and are able to reach many more consumers from influencer marketing. Take a second and think about a product or service that you have been curious about. Did you go online and search a review? Did you make a technology purchase because your child asks for it? The power of influence at the very least increases brand awareness, potentially gaining more customers. Go no further than the example of Bigelow Tea as described in the blog.

Clickly Marketing

Why An Influencer ?

Hiring an influencer is the equivalent of getting someone in the door. They are curious and in the store, but not guaranteed to buy… Yet! 

Social Influencers increase your brand credibility and that in itself is valuable, as we are creatures of habit. Working with an influencer can also increase the overall value of your SEO by placing backlinks to your site for their followers to visit, leading to more sales and higher revenue.